Getting there!

Almost a year ago now we started work in earnest on blogl.  From the outside, it might not look as if much has happened in the meantime.  But, we’ve been working with a few bloggers, PRs and brands to refine the proposition and make sure that what we are building really does the best job for everyone.  Now we are nearly ready and I wanted to let you know a bit more about the background to blogl.

The idea of blogl came about because of our past history running dating sites.  Simon and I both have our own blogs and, as our coverage grew, we became increasingly mystified by the types of approaches we were getting from PRs.  After all, as a 50 something-year-old, with no kids or grandchildren, I’m unlikely to be interested in events for families.  And, Simon was getting invitations to fashion shows (for women).  It all seemed a bit like that dating conundrum which the internet and now apps like Tinder have helped to solve.

As bloggers, we have a good idea of the kind of things we want to be involved with, that we are willing to endorse and that will make for good content for our blogs.  In the same way, we tend to know what makes for a good date or relationship.  Some people are looking for hair colour, age, height or level of education.  Others are happy to date everyone and see what happens.  Internet dating search tools let everyone set their own matching criteria and blogl does much the same for Brands and PRs who are looking to work with bloggers and for bloggers themselves.

Of course, just as you can’t meet someone on a dating site unless you register, you won’t be able to let brands and PRs know what you are looking for unless you register with blogl.

We’ve tried to make it VERY easy.  And, we are currently smartening things up, so you should see a new design in the next week or so and we’ll be losing that ‘beta’ tab.

If you sign up now, you’ll be one of our founder members and we’ll be SO pleased that you’ll get an invite to the launch party.  And, we’re working on a whole range of special privileges for our founders – so get in now and make sure you don’t miss out.

Of course, if there’s anything you think we’ve missed, we’d love to hear from you.  Just leave a comment, contact us by email or using the contact form.

Meanwhile, we look forward to getting to know you!

xx Fiona xx

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