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Blogl is a blogger support group founded by bloggers for bloggers. Our aim is to dispel some of the barriers we believe hinder many bloggers and provide a transparent and supportive networking service for bloggers, PRs and brands.

We hope to achieve that by

  • Providing comprehensive search and matching tools for Brands, PRs and Bloggers
  • Facilitating bloggers to create an effective media pack with consistent and validated social media and traffic stats
  • Supporting bloggers via a community forum that operates without geographic or niche boundaries
  • Providing a directory of support services and blogging guides.

To enjoy blogl for free as a blogger, you must register your blog, but, we will never share or publicise your stats without your authorisation. Just like your photo on a dating site, it is up to you whether you allow all PRs and brands to see your social media and traffic statistics or whether you prefer to reveal statistics on request by appropriate PRs and brands.

We believe some campaigns will need a blogger who is particularly strong on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, while others depend on reach in terms of blog traffic and some simply require a passion for a particular niche.  Our aim is to enable PRs and Brands to select the best fit for their needs in a way that is totally transparent.

We hope our community forums will be a friendly place where you can draw inspiration from bloggers in your own niches but also find out more about areas that perhaps you have rarely encountered up to now.

We are at the early stages of making this happen, using technology we’ve built in the past for online dating communities to create ‘MatchMaking for Bloggers and Brands’.

Help shape the future and help shape blogl – claim YOUR blog now.